Lim Yo-Hwan

Allow me to introduce you. Lim Yo-Hwan meet my friends. Friends, meet one of the most prolific gamers of our time. Think Roger Federer but instead of tennis substitute PC Gaming(video games on computers for the layman). Professionally, the South Korean has 500 wins and 336 losses on his bread and butter game, StarCraft. Like Federer he can adapt his gaming to beat you like a mule, and hit winners from anywhere on the game console. According to sources, Lim has made more “effective use of the Terran Dropship unit” than any gamer ever before. In your face. Not only does Lim have mad gaming skills, he is a pop icon in South Korea, the people love him.

Known by his handle, SlayerS_BoxeR, in the gaming world, Lim was named as one of the “10 most influential gamers of all-time” by MTV. I am not sure who else was on that list, but I am pretty sure my Mom should be on there for her Pac-Man skills in the mid-’80s and later her Tetris abilities.

A few months ago Lim (AKA “Boxer” or by his admirers, “Emperor”) was drafted by the Air Force. Instead of ending his gaming career, Lim went on to form the first military team ever which participates at the professional level. That’s pretty special.

I’m not much of a gamer, and neither is Lindsay, but apparently gaming is a popular date activity for young couples in South Korea. Since we are taking the “when in Rome” attitude, I’ll be working on my Terran Dropship unit.
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  1. Danny says:

    Make sure and flex those thumbs after each session. We don’t need you guys to go and lose your thumb moving ability!


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