Packing day!!!

Here is a list of things we have done INSTEAD of packing:

1. Slept late (thanks to a crazy night out with Lindsay’s co-workers to celebrate the end of gainful employment)
2. Checked Lindsay’s bank account to see her last paycheck. And then checked again and again and again because the Bank of America site seems to be out of order.
3. Danced to a new song that Whit downloaded onto I-Tunes by James McMurtry.
4. Went to CVS because we realized we didn’t have an essential tool for packing: packing tape.
5. Started packing, but then realized we were supposed to help a friend move our couch that they bought from us to their new house.
6. Decided to eat lunch at Camp Rockmont because they have a good veggie cook. But once we get there, we realize the veggie cook ain’t all that grand because he didn’t have enough food for us.
7. Went to lunch at Camino’s in Black Mountain so Lindsay could eat a “Cheese Pile-up, please, hold the sour cream and add some steak.”
8. Took a nap (Lindsay) because starting to feel tired after that late night.
9. Wrote Georgia Tech (Whit) to tell them actually we will not be coming there for grad school because South Korea came up.
10. Went to post office to change address so now Lindsay’s parents can get all our junk mail.
11. Checked Yahoo e-mail.
12. Checked facebook.
13. Checked Lindsay’s work e-mail to realize she can in fact still sign on after she was curious if anyone missed her there.
14. Looked for coats online (Whit) after realizing that it does in fact snow in South Korea.
15. Wrote this blog.

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  1. Ritchie says:

    I’m old, I’ve had about five glasses of wine tonight, and I’m cantankerous. And I’m waiting for John Pomeroy to call me any minute saying that he’s breezing through Washington, DC, on his way back to Black Mountain from New York, in his pimpin’ Cadillac.So, here’s my bone to pick with the two of you. I’ve waited nearly a year to see my name show up — just once — in Lindsay’s blog at work. No such luck. And I’m wondering if I’ll ever get a mention — just a teeny, tiny, small one — in the Kimchi and Cornbread blog. Just one, that’s all I want. I mean, I do believe that in my short-lived blog last year, you two had multiple write-ups. Thanks to me, now the whole world knows about Lindsay’s obsession with the mating habits of cows.Just a dishonorable mention would suffice. Just a little sum’n sum’n, that’s all I’m sayin’. It doesn’t take much to satisfy me. I suppose I’m just having a little separation anxiety by the fact that the two of you are moving to the other side of the world.BTW, you both are excellent writers, and I enjoy reading your musings. Of course, I knew that Lindsay was a great writer, as I first witnessed when she read me the beginnings of her first novel (which her roommate inadvertently erased from their computer). But, Whit — I had no idea! Keep it up!Also BTW, Carlos informed me last night that he forgot to send in your scripts, although he said that fortunately they won’t be that expensive anyway. In the future, if you need anything from him, just copy me on the email and I’ll be sure to stay on him about it. He is the epitome of the absentminded professor!Love ya’!Ritchie


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