Vacation mode

Lindsay here–since Whit says his creative juices aren’t flowing and, well, this is when I would normally stumble into my work week and put pen to paper or, more accurately, fingertips to keyboard.
Whit and I are officially on vacation. Or so I keep saying.
I am finally unemployed, at least for a month. As is Whit. I worked my last day at the Asheville Citizen-Times on Thursday (and they do actually miss me a little bit, see here:!) and Whit worked his last day on Saturday at the lovely Cheshire gym in Black Mountain where I thought he was literally going to throw a towel in–at someone–if they gave him one more complaint like the water is too cold, too hot, there’s a naked guy in the sauna, why don’t you have day care on weekends, etc.
So anyway, we started our vacation on Saturday, celebrating it with a night out on the town (Asheville) at our favorite restaurant, Doc Cheys, an Asian bistro. Yes, we know we’re about to go to the real Asia.
And then we left town Sunday for Martinsville, Virginia, Whit’s hometown. So here we are now, getting ready to go for a hike/run on the Blue Ridge Parkway and then to Mabry’s Mill for breakfast/lunch/whatever meal we want because it’s vacation.
I’ve already started forgetting what day it is, which officially means we’re on vacation. Whit’s mom had to work today, and I was like—-On a Sunday?!?
Anyway, vacation calls.

–Not in Korea yet but having a great time in M-ville,


  1. ash says:

    Lindsay, i miss you! sorry i didn’t get to say goodbye and good luck during your last days. anyway, i’ll be thinking about you guys and watching your bloggie. take care and keep in touch.


  2. Jaime says:

    I miss you too, Lindsay! Though, I’m pretty jealous that you’re going to Korea 🙂


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