A Virginia road trip, Altizer-style

Lindsay here. Back from an “Altizer” road trip.
I’ve always heard about these road trips from Whit, the ones where Doc (Whit’s dad) wakes up the family with extra vigor three minutes before the alarm clock even thinks about screaming good morning. The ones where “we’ll let the day come to us,” so don’t ask if you’re going on this hike or that, for ice cream or dinner or to the museum or a meandering path.
The themes of these trips are fun and adventure–and that’s exactly what we had.
We started our two-day trek at 6:57 a.m. Tuesday and were out of Martinsville by 7:45 headed northwest to a pastoral little town called Paint Bank, pronounced with a Virginian accent and proudly featuring an old train depot, a red barn and a restaurant called Swinging Bridge with the actual said bridge inside the restaurant, dangling between a strikingly authentic stuffed buck and red fox.
We had breakfast at this quaint country-style restaurant and I began to realize this road trip was about more that just the sites: Falling Springs waterfall, the Persinger homeplace at Potts Creek (the original homeplace of Whit’s mom Sarah’s family), Jackson River, Hot Springs, the Altizer homestead in the paper mill town of Covington, the quaint and comfortable Fort Lewis Lodge in Millboro, Lexington and the D-Day monument in Bedford.
Yes this trip was about Virginia. But it was just as much about the food.
We started with the Texas-style French toast and build-it-my-way omeletes at Swinging Bridge. But from there, we were on a food cuisine quest and fest that included lemon barbecue chicken, sweet buttered ham, sweet potato casserole (with a recipe I swear was stolen from my dad), praline coffee cake with vanilla ice cream drizzled with caramel, oatmeal pancakes, sizzling bacon, salads with shrimp, stuffed portabellas, marble cheesecake and let’s please not forget the Homestead ice cream, made by the local Mennonites in a town between Smith Mountain Lake and Rocky Mount called Burnt Chimney.
Doc directed us around the state of Virginia like the great General Stonewall Jackson led his troops through the Shenandoah Valley during the Civil War.
He was on a quest to prove to me that Virginia was in fact a better state than both North Carolina and my native Tennessee after I opened my big mouth after a glass of wine to list my favorite states in order, Virginia blatantly missing from my list.
But I will say this trip made my heart grow in fondness for this good Commonwealth. They might not have the beautiful mountains and the beach like North Carolina, or the great blue warm lakes of Tennessee, but they do have great scenery and people. And of course, great food.
And I must add that I bought an awesome pair of designer jeans half off in Lexington today, which I swore to Doc was going to be the only thing I was going to blog about just to make him shake his head in shame again at the Tennessee girl he lost his son to.

2 thoughts on “A Virginia road trip, Altizer-style

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Your mind is all “scrabble”(14pts)up. You have resided in TN,NC and Miss. but you haveN’T lived until you live in VIRGINIA. Sure was nice to see the newlyweds for an extended period. Love,fun and laughter, should I mention the food, enjoyed by all in the #1 state. We will have to take a week next time to enjoy more of the state for lovers. Love y’all


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