You Can Go Home Again

A famous Ashevillian once said “you can’t go home again,” but Thomas Wolfe never had my parents. Going home to Doc and Sarah Altizer has always been easy. We live in such an uneventful Virginia town that my parents pull out all the stops whenever I come home. With a Dad who loves the outdoors and a Mom who loves a good margarita you can imagine the possibilities. As Lindsay showed in her last blog, we had an excellent time telling my parents goodbye, for now.

Our trip through Virginia seemed to be a little bit of a different(and much more emotional) journey for me than Lindsay. We essentially hit all the historical spots in the Altizer and Persinger (my mom’s family) clans and heard more stories about the grandparents I never knew. We traveled from the land that Poppy Persinger’s family farmed (and where his mother, I am told, drank the occasional hot toddy), to the paper mill my other grandfather lost an eye to while working, to the bar that the same grandfather once watched all the big prize fights with my young dad in tow. In a culture where we are all moving forward at neck-breaking speeds, it was nice to stop and remember the past.

Being home definitely made it harder to look forward to our trip to Korea. It made me long for those days gone by when my family and I would go and visit our extended family in Covington, Virginia. Where my sisters and I would spend afternoons eating my Aunt Ruth’s greenbeans and skipping rocks on the Jackson River in their backyard. But at the same time, having Lindsay there with my energetic father and spunky mom made me look forward to the future when we return to Virginia with our own family. More importantly our time together last week really made me appreciate the present with three people I love so much.


  1. Becca says:

    You are such a butt kiss! Mom and Dad know I am the only one that really loves them….Just kidding. They haven’t stopped talking about your week together! Your writing rocks! I LOVE YOU!Your adoring younger sister


  2. Bill says:

    Whit,I’m going to enjoy reading your blog, your dad gave me the information. I told him he needs to be a tour guide Paint Back, Homestead, Bath County, Lexington,D Day Memorial and finally the Homestead Creamry. Monica and I could only laugh when we saw the guestion who would be the first one to visit you and Lindsay in South Korea. We are not betting people but we will place our marker on Sam for $100. Enjoy the ride I look forward to following your blog. Bill Mitchell


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