Come one, come all

Lindsay and I are in the middle of packing up for the year and tying up loose ends. I thought I would take a moment away from weighing our suitcases to entice you with Asia.

So are you looking for something to do this year? Come to Kwangju. Lindsay and I have both been boarded on our travels domestically and abroad and would love the chance to board some of you. So consider this your invitation. We will go to the honeymooners island of Che-ju or hop over to Japan for some sushi. If you come in May, Lindsay and I are talking about running the Great Wall of China Marathon. Are you foaming at the mouth yet?

We are leaving tomorrow out of Atlanta and should be in Seoul by 5PM Tuesday. We will let as many of you know as possible that we are safe and sound. Wish us luck. Hope to see you on the other side of the world.