We are here!!!

Whit and I have landed safely in Seoul and have, with dumb luck and a nice Korean college boy, have found a place to stay for the next two nights.
Just took a shower after the 15-hour flight and feel like a new person. Also with our dumb luck, we happened to land a place in the “happening” area of Seoul so we’re out for a night on the town and some good Korean food.
We had our first Korean food on the plane. And thanks to the nice Korean lady who sat next to Whit, we learned how to eat bibimpap, a dish made of cooked rice mixed with bits of meat, seasoned vegetables and egg that was mixed with goechew-jang (a red pepper sauce).
Anyway, seems I have somehow lost my Korea book from the time I was holding it looking like a confused American out on the street until we got into the room.
OK, we’re off to find food…any my oh-so-helpful guide to Korea.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Glad you made it safely. Send us some pictures when you get a chance. Dad


  2. Anonymous says:

    This looks like a crowd of people who play the board game risk…lets say you created a treaty with one person and on your next round you break it and invade north america…is the right reaction from the dude owning north america to throw a temper tantrum and quit because he “can’t play with people who don’t keep their promises”…am I wrong for breaking up North America, he would of got five extra units…


  3. Anonymous says:

    Who the heck is that last “anonymous”?


  4. jessica says:

    you’re getting some random spam …


  5. Justin says:

    Looking forward to hearing more…happy eating! JB


  6. Anonymous says:

    Random, that isn’t random, I wrote that, and nobody answered it. Treaties in Risk are like one ply toilet paper, sooner or later crap is going to come through…


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