How to lose a passport in 10 minutes, and other observations from our first day in Seoul

Lindsay here. Now that Whit has told you all about my little passport mishap, I thought I’d share with you about what we’ve been up to since I almost hugged that little Korean woman who handed me back my passport in the airport.

We spent the day touring the city of Seoul, an incredibly big city full of men in black suits and women who looked like they just stepped off an Asian runway. Think Parisian women, but with prettier complexions.

I already stand out because I’m American, and white. But my frumpty dumpty capris that are a size too big and my spanking new white tennis shoes sure didn’t help matters when all the women around me were wearing high heels and tight skirts.

It has been pouring rain all day, so Whit and I took a tour of the city by bus. We’ve also visited the Deoksugung Palace, which was pretty neat. You know how Asians in America are always taking pictures? Well that’s because our buildings are so freaking different. I think I took a picture of every different angle of that palace. I’ve never seen buildings like that in my life. And it’s pretty crazy to fathom how old they are, especially in relation to how young America is.

Whit and I aren’t crazy about Korean food yet. It’s probably because our bodies are all screwed up on what the heck time it is. For example, it’s 6:30 p.m. right now here in Seoul. It’s 5:30 a.m. at home. Crazy! So today, instead of eating some kind of scary seaweed for breakfast, we headed to a French bakery. Thank God for those blessed French and their blessed bread.

OK, that’s all for now. We think we’ve figured out how to upload a video, so check it out!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Whit, you take after mom! I mean, a total flashback. “You seen one waterfall, you seen them all.” Thanks for not giving us the Gastonia high sign! Keeeping up with you all through your blog is going to be fun. Hope you all keep it up when school starts (she says with the teacher look (ake grimace) on her face- mwahahaha! Linds, glad you found the passport. You shoulda hug the Korean woman…that would have been a priceless video! Love ya’ll!! Becca


  2. Anonymous says:

    Well I’ve taken over North America, and am on my way to South Korea…well to be honest, both Koreas aren’t on the board game RISK, but I’ll be in the general vicinity. I’ll wave.


  3. Whit says:

    Hey all, you now have to get a google account to make a comment. Just follow the easy instructions when you go to comment and you will be all set up. No more anonymous comments. Thanks


  4. Leslie says:

    Loved the video. Miss you here in the newsroom, but I know you’re having more fun where you are. Get me a Thai shot glass!!Leslie


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