What’s the capital of Thailand?

Yep. That’s where we are, but no one here likes that 4th grade joke, least of all Lindsay. We are staying at the historical Atlanta Hotel–www.theatlantahotel.bizland.com–where there motto is NO SEX TOURISTS. We like it despite the fact that the shower looks like something out of Alcatraz. But it was very cheap and right off a major street in Bangkok, and they serve you a nice juice drink when you sign in.

Bangkok seems great so far. We have mainly seen it only by bus as we arrived here about 10PM. We walked down to the local McDonalds for a late night snack and we are now calling it a night. Talk about a cultural hub. We were eating french fries with about every nationality you can think of. South Korea was way more homogenous than this place.

Alright, just letting you know we are safe and sound…
Love to all,


  1. Jimmy says:

    These posts are great! Thanks for keeping us all updated so we can live vicariously through you guys.


  2. Asia is strong…and the moon is Red, RISK is aptly named. I will take a risk today and may not be back tomorrow.


  3. So apparently Sam has nothing better to do then make really random ‘risk’ comments? And you thought it was spam …


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