Homer who? Check this epic journey out.

Hey all, Lindsay here.
Well, Whit and I took a turn south instead of north and headed to the beaches of Thailand. We decided we’d rather spend a week island hopping than chatting it up with the monks, though that did sound enticing.
Right now, we’re on at Railay Beach just south of Krabi, if you care to find us on a map. It all sounds simple, just a few hours south of Bangkok, right?
Oh no. Let me tell you about this trip.
We left Bangkok at 7 p.m. Tuesday on an overnight train south. If you’re picturing the trains of Europe, stop. We rode second class, as the way we are so defined as citizens when you are traveling on a shoestring. The train had a “fan” but it was one of those scary looking silver things, not the kind that spins idly on a southern-style front porch.
We were supposed to arrive at 6:30 a.m. but were awoken loudly by a man yelling in Thai for us to get up at 3:30 a.m., we were at our stop. At least that what the frantic motions with his hands were saying. Whit and I scrambled to grab our belongings and heavy backpacks, use the bathroom (which wasn’t so bad for the second class train, especially after I have now been initiated into non-western style toilets and am still thanking Karen Chavez for giving me some hand sanitizer, I probably am going to need four more bottles since I’m not exactly an expert squatter.) Anyway, back to the point, it wasn’t our stop, expressed by the guy’s hand-clasped bows and embarrasing laughs, meaning in American, “my bad.”
We went back to sleep. We can’t believe how well we slept on that rattling, slow silver train but we did. So then we arrived in some town that I couldn’t tell you reading it off a piece of paper then and certainly don’t remember it now. We waited an hour for a bus, which then took us on a three-hour trip to Krabi. The sun was blaring so hot through the big windows that I was in a constant state of sweat. I swear, I’m losing weight over here like a Jenny Craig queen.
So a few aspirin and three hours later, we arrived in Krabi, where we immediately ate lunch at this cute little hut of a building for roughly 100 Bahts, equal to $2.50. And it was our best meal yet. I kid you not. Fried rice and shrimps, as they like to spell it around here.
OK, brace yourself family. Then, Whit and I literally hopped in the back of a covered truck with some Indian men and rode what seemed like 90 mph down back roads to a boat dock. It was exhiliarating, especially the part where we didn’t die.
We THEN continued our epic journey on a “longboat,” a 20-minute ride over rough, bluegreen waters to our beach area, which is strikingly beautiful with big rock-jutted cliffs. Sorry, this computer I’m on won’t let me download any photos.
And after all that, we don’t have a “great” vibe from this joint. So we’re heading out tomorrow to Koh Phi Phi, the island where the movie “The Beach” was filmed. Pronounced pee pee, by the way, rather unfortunately.
Anyway, internet acccess is slim here. But the views are great. Whit and I are safe and sound, and we’ll be on a boat tomorrow morning to the land Leonardo DiCaprio introduced to the world.


  1. deborah says:

    just checking to see if this comment sends. Having some trouble signing in to the google account.


  2. deborah says:

    Good grief! I take it you didn’t have on a seat belt going 90mph in the back of a truck.Sounds like exciting adventures that we are enjoying living vicariously through you – That’s the only way I want to experience it!!!!


  3. William says:

    Hey Ippy- I just saw this clip on youtube… Is that you and Whit introducing Asia to salsa dancing?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKlL_vo-t3MWhit- Looks like your making good progress in expanding FCI’s asian presence. Thanks for your commitment to our company.Bill


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