Goodbye Thailand, hello Korea

After two full weeks of sightseeing, eating, resting, cooking, beaching, motorbiking, bowing and exploring, we are officially ending our Thailand travels on Wednesday.
We are flying out of Chiang Mai about 7 p.m. tomorrow (Wednesday) to Bangkok and then flying to Seoul, South Korea, on a red-eye flight. We should arrive in Seoul at 6 a.m. Thursday (7 p.m. Wednesday your time). We will then be taking a four-hour bus ride to Gwangju, our new city of residence where we will be picked up by our recruiter and hopefully taken to our new home.
We have no idea what the city will look like, despite our attempts to see photos of it online. We have no idea what the people will be like, though we got a good vibe in Seoul.
If Seoul is any indicator, it will be cleaner and more sterile than Thailand, where I swear they have not heard of the word “emission control.” I still can’t get over the pollution here, especially compared to the clean streets of Seoul.
Tonight Whit and I finally went for a run, our first one since last week when we ran in that wonderful oasis of a public park in Bangkok. We ran for more than an hour (because we got lost) around Chiang Mai University, where the air quality was a smidge better than on the main streets though I still got a couple coughs of black exhaust fumes in my face.
We have had a great time here in Thailand and have many wonderful memories (and lots of souvenirs) that we will always cherish.
But we are ready for what we came here for: to teach and work in Korea.
We might not be around a computer for a few days, but we’ll post again when we have a chance.
Annyong (a Korean goodbye)…….for now!

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  1. Bill Tilden says:

    It might warrant a post, but as the red sun rose over North America it set over Asia. I have lost my conquest. Like Don Quiote, I feel lost searching for my unreachable star. RISK is a way of life to be taken with heartache and pain.


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