Greetings from Gwangju!

Hello everyone!
We are now in Gwangju, South Korea, reporting from a PC bang…in English…a gaming room where they charge an arm and leg for Internet access.
We arrived in Gwangju yesterday afternoon, and after a day and a half of travel (we looked like homeless, sweaty white people) we were taken directly to the school so we could meet everyone. Nothing like a first appearance, right? Especially when it’s all in Korean.
The principal introduced us to all the teachers in a school-wide meeting, which lucky for us, we arrived just in time for. Of course this was all in Korean, so he could have introduced us as child rapists, but everyone seemed to smile, laugh a little and then we bowed and sat down.
Ahh, ignorance is bliss–our motto for this year.
We were then taken to our new home, a very nice, suprisingly roomy apartment about a 10-minute walk from the school. It has a TV, air conditioning, kitchen, guest room–we’ll post pictures as soon as we get connected to the Internet there. It’s very clean and very comfortable.
Our neighborhood is nice and quiet. Though we are truly the only white faces. And there is no English, anywhere. And no one can speak it.
Well, we are headed back to our second day at school. Classes start on Monday. Please be praying and thinking of us as we try to cross language barriers, lots of conversations lost in translation, and as we learn our way in this new, very strange world.

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  1. Summer says:

    I’m glad you’re there safely, and I’ll be thinking about you. It will take time and patience, but I have complete faith in both of you. Good luck!


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