Rainy day dreams

Today was a rainy day in Gwangju, the kind of rain that doesn’t cease. It started a few days ago, and isn’t supposed to stop until later next week.
Whit and I had a nice day spent indoors at our apartment. We read, cooked, and even ventured out into the rain for a 30-minute walk to the bank and grocery store. We are enjoying our contact with Koreans, and are trying to use what little language we know more and more.
We are looking foward to taking Korean classes so we can hopefully one day hold a conservation with a cab driver, ask a shopkeeper how much something is, or actually understand what the other English teachers at our school are talking about (hopefully it is not us!)
The rainy day made us miss home. Labor Day weekend is normally the weekend all my college friends convene at my parents’ house at the lake, always a fun-filled weekend of skiing, catching up, lots of laughing, Catch Phrase, cream cheese cupcakes and homemade ice cream.
This Labor Day will definitely be different. While we are sad about it, we found out great news last Friday after about five explanations: we have a Korean Thankgiving holiday Sept. 23-25, three days off from school in about three weeks!
But to all my college friends, there is always next year. And it will be then that we can catch up on cupcakes, laughs and tales of our travels–including yours, Emily, from Colombia, if we can get you back in the country–next Labor Day! And Melissa and Ritchie, we still hope you can visit this year!
Annyong for now!