Blue skies and a bounce in my step

Well, as my cute Korean kids in class say, “TGIF!”
Sorry you’re not done with your Friday yet, I guess for you, it’s just beginning. But here in Gwangju, we have already worked our long day, taught seven classes each, went for an hour-long run under –get this– blue skies!, and ate dinner at another tasty, no-English-provided Korean restaurant in our neighborhood. Have I mentioned we are getting good at charades?
While the sky was not completly blue yet, there was some blue coming out, and I automatically felt better inside. I think it has rained 13 out of 14 days we have spent here, and I am so water-logged that the skin on my feet is peeling. Although I’m a little worried that is something totally different.
We had a good day at school, especially me (Lindsay). I think I finally won my kids over, which was big, especially after I heard about all the comments that Whit’s kids were writing in their English journals about him in their other classes… “He is so fun. He is so handsome. But he is married.”
All it took to win over a few kids was a math lesson on how to spell numbers and a game I found online called the “hot seat.”
It all started in second grade, when my kids got so into a game on which team could spell four hundred and forty-four (fOrty! Not FoUrty!) that they didn’t want it to end.
“ONE MORE!” they yelled as the bell rang. “One more, teacher!!”
And then, my extra-credit sixth grade class, who all week acted like they were in a torture chamber that was killing them with boredom and monotony, were screaming in excitement to their team member in the “hot seat,” answering questions about the articles we read earlier this week.
As I walked home with an extra bounce in my step, I realized, I am a teacher! These kids, at least some of them, are learning something, including that kid Alex who fell asleep in my seventh period class on the second day.
Well, Whit and I are busy watching “Apollo 13” on our movie channel while we eat a Korean cake with cream. (Another reason why I might have a “baby”.)
Hope your Friday goes as well as ours!