The sunny side of life

Did we have fun today or what? We’ll let the photos say it all.
We started our day with French toast. A grocery store run, a three-hour bike ride and two hours of lesson plans later, we are now eating popcorn and relishing from our second day spent under the sunshine.
It’s been a great weekend, one of those where you just want to pout on Sunday night because life has to return to normal tomorrow. Well, as normal as normal gets in Gwangju, South Korea.
Annyong haseo, for now.


  1. Summer says:

    You guys are just too cute. You never fail to crack me up!


  2. William says:

    This makes me feel like I’m right there, well except for the parts. I’m so glad to hear you had such a beautiful weekend. Sounds like you had a great weather weekend. I’ve been anxiously waiting for our first clear, crisp Fall day here, but the summer heat is hanging on for dear life! The video’s are great.


  3. William says:

    Boy, I botched that comment! I was just giving you practice for teaching the kids… Obviously, I’m too tired to type. Anway, great hearing about what is going on over there. Talk soon.


  4. Bill, We will help your grammar when we return. Our going rate is $40,000 Won an hour. Look it up. Convert it. Get back to us.Come visit fool!


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