The Underwriter

Whit here. Lindsay used up all her words in the personal writing she has been doing. She had so many built up after about a week of not writing that she puked it all up on the computer immediately after school. I was called in as the replacement writer.

No problem, I have had lots on my mind since I have been here. For example, desperate times cause for desperate actions, don’t they? I have found that full immersion has been difficult. I, at least, have found myself often gravitating toward familiarity.

In the first few weeks living in Korea I have found myself desperately searching our television for something, anything that will connect me to home. It is weird, I truly love it here, but sometimes I just need a little normalcy in my life. For example, I found myself slightly upset with Lindsay because we missed the Gilmore Girls on television tonight. She had to watch a movie on another station causing me to miss what happened in the Stars Hollow, Connecticut. I never watched this show before, but I cannot help but find some comfort in it with its small town America setting and contemporary music soundtrack. In fact, I think the acting is just a notch up from a small-town high school musical. I cannot believe these people get paid to act, it is clearly a struggle for them. Yet I hate to miss it. Also, to my chagrin I found myself watching “Alias” the other night- and entertained! I once told my friend Ritchie that it was a third-rate drama. Now, I am not so sure.
TV here consists of Korean game shows, Korean baseball, Sumo wrestling (that Lindsay caught on camera), CNN, entertainment news, Korean soap operas, and on about 3-5 channels you can actually watch people play video games. Remember my blog about gaming in Korea? Well, it really is a hit. Our first week here we had to go to a local PC Bang (there is more than one) to check e-mail and we were surrounded by lots of smoking teenage boys and a smattering of older professional men playing everything from Starcraft to on-line poker. Entertainment is on about every corner here and mostly in the form of a PC Bang.
Then there is coffee. I have searched high and low for something that will reproduce that sweet nectar I have been use to consuming the past 5 years. Yesterday I finally found what I was looking for as far as a coffeemaker. But as I found out this morning, the coffee I bought was instant, voiding any need for a filter. When I went to clean my filter, it was empty, as the instand coffee merely dissolved in the hot water. Nevertheless, it tasted good.
Soccer anyone? Anyone who knew me ten years ago remembers that, for me, a soccer ball rose in the morning and set in the evening. But I haven’t played soccer in about four years, and even then it was a disaster. But I am playing Sunday with a bunch of internationals just to socialize. Unfortunately, watching me play soccer these days is kind of like watching John McEnroe play Roger Federer. Even though McEnroe was good, today he would look slow and pathetic. If the tennis analogy doesn’t work, then watching me play it is like watching a deer who has been shot and trying to run away. Even a PETA member would rather just see that deer gunned down. I shudder to think what Sunday will bring for me, but my desperation to be around folks who at least speak my language is driving me to put on cleats one more time. Lindsay is getting the ice packs ready.

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  1. Summer says:

    JP here – Whit, if it is any consolation, I “played” soccer this past spring in the Oxford City League after a 2 year layoff. After a referral from Tex, I was set up with a team (though he never mentioned to me they played for the Ole Miss club team). I felt like a kindergartener on his first day of school. Would they accept me despite my rusty skills and sub-par touch? Long story short, it wasn’t as bad as it seemed though it took about 2 games for me to look like I wasn’t wearing stone shoes. Quick side note: I woke up the morning after the first game and felt like someone had kicked the ever living s@&* out of me. Ice bags probably would have helped. Good luck!


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