Pizza please, hold the squid, add the pounds

Lindsay here.

Just got back from a great hour-long run on the trails along the ridges of our backyard mountain. It’s been a good day, both at school and at home, despite the brief anarchy in my first grade today. Yesterday it was a first-grade fist fight. Today it was a left hand, right hand game gone ga-ga. But six out of seven classes acting responsive is a good day in my book.

We started the day a little shaky, when Whit and I got in an argument over our accidental matching shirts. Despite the fact he got up earlier than me, he still doesn’t plan out wardrobes ahead of time and sat down at the breakfast table in his orange and white checkered shirt after I was dressed in my ironed green and white checkered shirt.

It looked like somebody puked up a picnic blanket on both of us. And then only ironed my side of it.

Whit wouldn’t change clothes, despite the fact this goes against one of my top ten new rules: If you think you look silly or strange in the morning, so will they. But after Whit told me I was being silly, we both walked to school in our bad moods, me chastising him for not at least asking me to iron for him.

Finally, we realized how stupid we both were being and Whit reminded us we are the only thing each other has over here. Whit’s quote: “We’re partners in gingham.” I died in laughter. Mainly because I didn’t know there was a name for the checkered print and Whit did. And because it’s a funny word.

No one commented on our fashion faux pas, other than the other teachers telling me I looked good in green.

As you can see from the picture, we had pizza today at school, the second time the English teachers have ordered it after they ate their school lunch. The pizza here is good. Better than at home. Today we had a shrimp pizza and a squid pizza, both crusts stuffed with sweet potato. How come we have never thought of that? It’s incredible!! The sweet potato, not the squid. But I just couldn’t believe my eyes when less than an hour after lunch, two large pizzas showed up in the English teachers’ lounge. Also as you can see from the picture, these women are skinny.

Every day I curse my fat hips and big thighs as I sit next to these 90-pound Asian beauties. This was just too much. I know I tend to exaggerate my stories but as Whit as my witness, these girls ate at least four peices each. An hour after they ate a tray-full of school food.

I don’t get it. Whit wants to blame it on bulimia, the only likely excuse for being so skinny. But the only time I see them go to the bathroom is to brush their teeth, not lose their lunch to make room for another. By the way, I learn that Koreans take at least two baths and/or showers a day and brush their teeth four times a day. I learned this because of a worksheet my third graders did on water. Yes, they missed the whole conservation angle.

Well, I’m feeling better after my trail run and hair cut I gave myself tonight. Maybe I took a whole half-pound off. Don’t worry, I didn’t let Whit cut it like that time in Oxford. But for all I know, it may look about the same, though it seems to look OK in the front. I guess I’ll let my kids tell me tomorrow how the back looks.


  1. Summer says:

    Just as long as your hair isn’t business in the front, party in the back, you’ll be fine. I wonder what your South Korean friends would think of a mullet?


  2. Oh Summer. Didn’t you know? Mullets are the style here. In fact, I have a kid who has given himself the English name of Mullet. He’s one of my favorites, along with Tinkerbell, Simpson and Black.But yes, sadly, they didn’t get the memo about mullets.


  3. deborah says:

    Your hair dresser will be in Korea soon (just 2 months)! Hair looks fine though. Can’t wait to try the pizza (without the squid)!


  4. Emily says:

    Oh, that Oxford haircut! That was the only time I almost didn’t like Whit. How could he do that to you? And then I remembered… “she’s the one who’s all googly eyed over him. That idiot asked him to do it!”And I would pay good money to see you in matching shirts. Tell me you skipped while holding hands and that Whit ended the day with “there goes my baaby.”


  5. William says:

    Whit – I often get into trouble for wearing the same shirt as Kathryn as well. Usually, it’s Saturday and it’s a shirt from one of the races we have both ran in. I usually come down and she says- “Oh no, you’re not wearing that, I put mine on first!” My response is always similar to yours. Plus, why do they assume that they should get to wear the chosen shirt? Just cuz they’re girls? C’mon, we’ve got stye too, right?… Anyway, just wanted you to know that it happens at our house too! As usual, catching up on the blog today was definately the higlight of my day.


  6. Lindsay:Don’t you know Whit has been brush free and iron free for years. Surely he never picked up either during his year in Oxford. Gotta love him though! Sarah


  7. Jessica says:

    One time Michael and I were on our way to church (late, as usual), when I realized we looked like we were wearing our “Mr. and Mrs. Collins’ uniform”. Since we go to a small church where everyone notices everyone (not to mention we teach youth-age sunday school), I made him turn around and go home so he could run in and change. They just don’t understand that it’s just easier for them to change than it is us, since we actually <>plan<> what we’re going to wear!


  8. Brittany says:

    and to add to Jessica’s…that we actually iron. What is it with guys and not wanting to use modern technology. They should be thankful we do not have to scrub our own laundry on a washboard.


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