Pizza Pizza

Lindsay here.

Whit and I just wolfed down a medium-sized (more like an American leftovers-sized) pizza from Domino’s.

It was about seven small slices of seafood heaven. I even ate the squid. Though it was a little more expensive than what you would pay in America–and a lot smaller. But it definitely seemed to taste better, especially the cute little box of mozzarella sweet potato sticks we ordered.

And it all even came packaged together like a nice Christmas present, red ribbon wrapped around it.

We ate dinner at our new table. The floor. But sitting on our new sofa-bed that sits Asian-style on the floor. Yep, we’re living it up these days.

It was the perfect end to our first day back at school.

And in other news, I have found my stride again in my running. I ran 10 miles yesterday, the first time in what seems likes months. Whit introduced me to the world of podcasts, so I listened to NPR’s Talk of the Nation radio show and a few lessons in Korean on my iPod. And before I knew it, I had ran an hour and a half.

It’s been a good week here in Korea and now Whit and I are looking forward to our little trip to Andong to see the Korean Maskdance Festival on Saturday.

Annyong for now!

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  1. josh says:

    I love your blog and seeing how you guys are! I am so happy for you both. Take care.Whit, did you get my eamil like a month ago?


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