Don’t we look beautiful?

Annyong haseo, Lindsay here.

Whit and I just returned from a great weekend at the Andong Folk Festival/Andong Maskdance Festival in Andong, a city of 169,000 about five hours east of us.

It was a great trip, one where we saw traditional Korean mask dancing, decorated our own masks, were interviewed by Korean media, visited a traditional Korean folk village and explored a new city.

We left town a little bummed that our friends Ethan and Maria couldn’t join us, and a little sad after we discovered that we could in fact NOT download the new season of The Office, the one TV show we were sure we could buy off iTunes. No such luck. (We could, though, download Grey’s Anatomy. We’re all caught up on the Seattle Grace happenings.)

So we took a five-hour bus ride to a great town where everyone said hello. There were lots of other foreigners in town for the festival and a lot of American military there, too. I could tell by their shaved heads. People were friendlier in Andong. Maybe because it is a smaller city. Maybe because it was in festival-mode. But I was certainly surprised, and charmed, when a sweet Korean lady who reminded me of Grandma squeezed beside me on the sidewalk to share her umbrella and lots of laughs at the funny Korean entertainer.

The festival was a chance for us to learn a little about Korean folk traditions and the importance of masks, which were made in the folk villages to ward away bad luck and disasters.

Whit and I had a blast. Really. We stayed in a nice hotel where we slept on mats on the floor. It was surprisingly comfortable. So don’t blast it ’till you try it. (Mom and Dad, get ready!)

We had a great time walking through the festival booths, buying toys for Reed before he is even born. Just wait, Jessica, to see what Auntie L bought for the little tyke. He’s gonna love it!

Let’s see, what else? We made masks with playdough-like clay. Whit’s turned out so much better than mine. I really needed Jessica–the artist in the family–there to answer my questions. Should I use blue? Red? Orange? She is my partner-in-plate-painting. My mask really had potential. But something went wrong. Oh well. It’s now hanging beside Whit’s cool mask in our apartment. And rather unfortunately, it will be shown on TVs across Korea this Wednesday.

We were interviewed by KBS, a major television station in Korea, while we were making our masks. We will be on TV this Wednesday morning. This will be my second time on the news. The first time was when Dad took Kathryn, Jessica and me to the circus when we were little and I was chosen out of the crowd to be interviewed. I cried when I later saw myself on TV. I’m not sure why. But I knew at a young age I was not meant for the big screen. So we’ll see how my second appearance goes. Hopefully it won’t be another embarrasing tear-jerker.

Along with our interviews, we were asked to wear our masks, then take them off for the camera and say at the same time, “Don’t we look beautiful!?!?”

Well, I’m off to eat dinner with Whit and then do lesson plans for the week. This Wednesday is another national holiday, Foundation Day, which is supposedly the birthday of Dan-gun, the legendary founder of Korea. We’re not sure if have a day off yet. These things seem to get lost in translation.

Enjoy our videos. To see them all, take a look at our new photos posted in the photo gallery. Here is one of our favorites.


  1. Summer says:

    How many holidays do the Koreans have? Now I see why you guys <>really<> chose South Korea!


  2. Jessica says:

    I like your mask! I think it has personality. Can’t wait to see what sort of things you got for Reed! He’ll be one lucky baby to have such cool things!


  3. Angus says:

    W&L,I don’t use iTunes, but this link claims they have The Office: can also watch full episodes online at that helps in your search for something other than McDreamy.Angus


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