I love them, I love them not

Hello America.

Lindsay here, reporting live from Gwangju. I’m relaxing after a busy day back at school. Whit is lounging on the floor sofa watching reruns of the ALCS game from last night (for you) and picking his toenails. I’m sipping a glass of red wine and surfing the internet, hoping for an e-mail or sign of life from the West. Guess everyone is still asleep.

Today was a big day for the English department at school. We hosted the annual Golden Bell English competition, where each student competes to be the best in their class. All the English teachers have been working on the event for weeks, putting together questions and so forth.

It was a lot of fun. Each grade, about 100 kids at a time, sat on plastic mats with their white board tablets and marker, ready to answer each question that Whit and I each had to read.
It was tons of fun, and it made us proud of our kids. Though for the record, I think mine are smarter than Whit’s.

The competition was a good way to start the day and we were bummed when we had to go back to class. Especially when my six graders (punks!) decided they were actually the spawn of Satan. I pleaded with them. I yelled. I even said “SHUT UP! SHUT. UP. SHUT. UP.” I eventually made them answer “IN COMPLETE SENTENCES!” about a million questions. Book work: always a good punishment.

They made me so mad I felt like steam was fuming out of both of my ears. I held two girls after class just to single them out and give them a little more of my mind. But they are a low level, and didn’t understand a word I said. So they laughed. (As Whit can attest, a cardinal sin when I am angry.)

The day eventually turned back for the better when a pizza showed up in the English teacher’s lounge (I’m tellin’ ya, these girls can eat some pizza!) It was heaven. And then my last class of the day was so well behaved that I thought maybe word got around, “White girl gone crazy!”
Tomorrow is another round of the Golden Bell, which I am thankful for. A few more breaks from classes to watch my kids act smart and dignified for just a few moments. Precious moments.