Korean Wild Wings

Whit here.

That’s right. I wore a pink shirt today. The first time I wore it, eyebrows raised even though the men here wear things far more flamboyant. However, one of the teachers asked me, “Did your wife buy that for you?”

Today absolutely wore us out. In four of our classes we had to act as MCs for the school’s Golden Bell competition. Long story short, Lindsay and I read trivia questions to elementary students all day. I felt like a Korean game show host. You should have seen these kids when they guessed right. They were pumped. Hands waving while hooting and hollering. The highlight was when the fifth grade went into a loud song, once sung when the Korean soccer team went to the semifinals at the World Cup in 2002.

I have no idea what they were saying, but it was pretty awesome. Unfortunately I was one kid away from being completely swept by Lindsay’s students. One of my first graders managed to eke by for the victory. I was very proud.

Though it was nice to be outside all day, we were absolutely spent when we got home this afternoon. As you can see, we took a nap.

Tonight Lindsay and I stumbled across a Korean chicken wing place. Most Tuesdays in graduate school, a few of my friends from Black Mountain and school would descend upon a local wing place to devour wings late into the night. My buddy John Burns could talk a vegetarian into eating those greasy things. Though Burns was absent this was a pretty nice substitute. The wings were baked and there were no french fries, but still they were good.

Overall, things are great here in Korea. We are enjoying learning the language, customs and all of our food options. The food makes for a pretty good metaphor about the country. Most of the time you aren’t sure what you are going to get. The sight of most of the food can be very scary. But 9 times out of 10 you are pleasantly surprised.


  1. Summer says:

    I’m afraid I can’t vote in the poll because you left out my selection:I don’t comment anymore because I’ve decided I comment far too much and it appears that I read your blog more than I have a life.(Okay Bill–I’m ready for the smart comment.)


  2. jfburns says:

    Steppin Out with Pink… I like it. I found it a lot easier to let my metrosexual self bloom while I was in Europe. My poison was a white linen v-neck though…Making me hungry with those wings dude. You guys look like you are havin a blast. Put some more videos up, Those are great…Burns


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