A break from the blog

Hello everyone. Lindsay and Whit here.
Bad news: Our computer is dying. I’m on it now, but it has no color left in the screen and I am almost going blind trying to type this.
We are searching for a new computer. But after our first attempt, we learned it won’t be a quick process. From asking, “Does that come in English” to “Can we get Microsoft Office” to finding one at the best price, it might be at least Wednesday until we are live again with the blog.
Enjoy your few days sans Whit and Lindsay. We will miss our interaction! and connection with the Western world.
While we’re gone, leave us a comment or two!


  1. Summer says:

    OH NO! What will I do without your blog? It is how I start every morning…even before I have my coffee or check my email. I hope you’re able to get a computer soon!


  2. Meredith says:

    Oh boo! Ever since Summer told me about your blog I’ve been living vicariously!


  3. Emily says:

    I top Summer! You’re how I end my day! Last thing I read before I go to bed. I miss you already and totally feel your computer pain. We just aren’t the luckiest crowd, are we?


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