A Minute with Mr. White

Whit here:

Okay, you didn’t expect total silence from us in “the most wired country in the world” did you?

I came up to the PC bang (Lindsay is already in her pajamas) to take care of some personal business, and I couldn’t resist logging onto the blog. We are still in the market for a new computer, so if any of you have any suggestions on what we should or should not get please comment. We were pretty lost the other night when we looked at computers while a salesman told us about it in Korean. They sell LG’s and Samsung’s here but we suspect some of the bigger places sell other brands. Give us your two cents. What should we be looking for if we mainly use it as a word processor and a television?

We have been enjoying our students a whole lot lately. My seventh period has now assigned me Korean language homework and berat me when I don’t do it. Seriously. “You are a bad student, teacher! Very bad!” But on the upside I have learned how to say “I’m a vegetarian” on those nights where I am unsure of the meat.

Also, Kim Woo Jin, the student that calls me “Mr. White” knowing my name is Whit, came in second place in the Golden Bell competition when he answered “alligator” for the question “It comes from clouds and wets the ground.” Unfortunately the other kid guessed rain correctly. You should see this kid, all 4 feet of him with his orange glasses in his Tae Kwan Do outfit with the head the size of a watermelon. Lindsay’s smart students are falling in love with her. One of Lindsay’s students brought her a pair of binoculars she made in art class with a set of eyes pasted on the end. Very funny. They love saying hello to “Miss Lindsay teacher” in the hallways. She is becoming a teacher despite herself.

We have been missing home a little lately. Lindsay is very excited about becoming an aunt this month. You should have seen her packing up presents for her new nephew. Between you and me, she would really love to be there. Me, I miss my folks and sisters too. Wouldn’t mind being in the green hills of Virginia, drinking wine and looking for Mr. Deer off the back deck. But catching the postseason of baseball over my bowl of cereal in the morning has dulled the pain a little.

Alright I think I have had enough second hand smoke for one night. We will be back on-line soon.


  1. We miss you guys too!! We have foxes we can watch from the deck, too. Wonder if anyone thinks the wine has anything to do with our sitings.Love you allMom


  2. I mean “sightings.”


  3. Sallie says:

    mom is drinking on the job again.


  4. Jessica says:

    You should get a mac. I’d be too nervous to get a computer there and then have to put an English language pack on it. You could just call apple and the could probably put in an order for you at the s.k. store. You can also get office for mac. The student/teacher version is only $150, and it’s the exact same version. Plus it’ll be better for your photos/movies/tv show watching.Have fun shopping in the morning!


  5. Jessica says:

    So I just realized you can buy a macbook from Amazon, and they ship to South Korea. (I would suggest the middle-of-the-line macbook. there are three different ones).http://www.amazon.com/Apple-MB062LL-Notebook-Processor-SuperDrive/dp/B000L475L2/ref=sr_1_2/103-2582583-5565423?ie=UTF8&s=pc&qid=1191964755&sr=1-2


  6. Emily says:

    I’m a mac fan, too, jess. If they can fix one in Colombia, Korea should be a breeze!As for missing home, the ache makes the return sweeter. Enjoy your cereal and we’ll see you in no time. Love you.


  7. brenton says:

    I’m glad things are still going well. You all will be happy to know that this blog gets me through the most horrid class of all time: Civil Procedure II. Although I do giggle at entirely inappropriate times. And because of you two and my friend Jay (teaching in Seoul), Ben and I are plotting a summer’s jaunt to somewhere crazy… maybe Thailand/Laos.


  8. JandC says:

    I’m gonna vote for a MAC too! I haven’t heard anything bad about them from current users.


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