Webaholics anonymous

Hi. My name is Lindsay and I am a webaholic.
It has been one week since our computer fell ill, and I have been through the first half of the Twelve Steps. I admit I have a problem. I’m addicted to the Internet. I’ve now made it seven days without a major connection the the web. But I’m happy to say, I’m back on the bandwagon .
When we FINALLY came home with a brand new shiny black laptop, I felt my high again. As Whit put it, “I feel like we’re bringing our first-born child home from the hospital.”
Scary, yes. But true.
Whit has come down with a sore throat and I am completely spent after a week of teaching with no holidays (Seriously, what are they trying to do to me?) so we are taking the evening to introduce ourselves to our new child. Ahem, I mean new computer.
We have downloaded our iTunes music, movies and TV shows. Transferred important files. And are about to start playing with our cool new web cam. By the way, if any of you other webaholics have a web cam, we can talk over the Internet and see each other!
Many of you wanted us to get an Apple. They are cool. But after all the hoops we would have had to jump through, we opted out. We ended up getting an HP with a widescreen, plenty of hard drive space, the aforementioned web cam, Microsoft Office, and all the other goodies. Plus we got a case, mouse and a few other extras thrown in. AND, we somehow Forest-Gumped our way through a Konglish conversation and got English downloaded on our computer. Though we do still have keys with Korean letters underneath our normal letters. A little souvenir to eventually take with us to remind ourselves of the language we never could quite understand.
Not having the Internet for a week has opened our eyes to the world. It turns out, we’re in SOUTH KOREA! I realized this when I had to teach my kids they live in “ASIA ! Not Antarctica, silly!!!” during one of my map classes.
We also got out a lot more at night without the computer beckoning us. We rode our bikes last night to the nearby World Cup Stadium where they are having the 13th annual National Sports Festival. We didn’t see a single sport, but we did get some incredible soup for dinner and watched some Korean live music (always fascinating).
Let me tell you about the soup. It’s become another addiction for me. Cheap. Spicy. Hearty. And full of veggies and at least a few unidentifiable objects. I love it. I live for it. Every day, I get a bowlful of bliss and slurp up every ounce. They throw in meat, veggies like sprouts and green onions and peppers, whole crabs, shrimp. By the way, they don’t tear off the shrimp heads for you here like they do in America. I almost fainted when I saw those bulging black eyes staring at me from my guk (soup) one day. Whit came to my rescue. “It’s their head, dummy.” Oh. I guess I thought they didn’t have heads in America.
I also had to explain to my coworkers that I had never eaten a fish with bones in it ever in my life, which is why it looks like I puked up my fish back onto my plate. My Uncle Jim would be so embarrassed. But really, who knew people ate them with bones? Every day, I keep waiting for a child to choke on one. Or me, because I come pretty close since I can’t figure out how to eradicate those tiny white bones like the other teachers do. So I would like to take a moment and thank whoever it is in America who removes shrimp heads and fish bones.
Well, I should go. I’m hogging the computer again. And we have some Grey’s Anatomy to catch up on. It’s good to be back.
And for your viewing pleasure, here is our best, or worst, video yet. This is what happens when you haven’t had the Internet for a week, and THEN you get the internet plus a web cam. And you have “My Humps” on iTunes. Dangerous.



  1. Summer says:

    Thank goodness you’re back! I’ve been in withdrawal all week. Miss you guys!


  2. What you going to do with all that junk? All that junk inside your trunks?


  3. Jaime says:

    I’m so glad your computer issues have been fixed! The video is hilarious – I want to watch it over and over and forget that I’m at work. 🙂


  4. Jessica says:

    I laughed so hard at your dance rendition of “my humps” that I was afraid I might go into labor! Glad you got a new computer, even though it’s not a mac =) We’ll have to talk via webcam soon. We’ll have to make a date of it.


  5. Summer says:

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  6. Summer says:

    Oh good grief…you didn’t have the video up when I last commented. I can think of so many smart remarks that I just can’t choose which one to say! Except that the webcam, “My Hump,” and you guys are a dangerous combination.


  7. deborah says:

    Wow, we had a good laugh watching this at J’s tonight! Made me want to dance. I need to learn these moves. You can teach us when we get in Korea. Dad and I will do it for the webcam. Now, that will really be entertaining!!!!!


  8. Brittany says:

    Oohh…Deborah I can’t wait. It will be the highlight of my November. Welcome back you guys! I am completely floored that you guys bypassed on a MAC. What is this world coming too? location: sitting at my PC (I know, but we have full intentions of getting a MAC in the near future)Going to watch you guys get your groove on just one more time….too funny!!!


  9. Emily says:

    Holy, Toledo! I´ve never wanted you to be here so much in my life! Come over!!


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