Egghead Teacher

Whit here:

One of my students told me my face is shaped like an egg. “Was that an insult?” I asked, sure that it was. After finding the translation for “insult” on their pocket computer, they assured me it was not an insult. In fact, Koreans desire egg-shaped faces. I am not sure, but I imagine fights are started in American school hallways over such statements, but here it seems to be a compliment. Go figure.

Well it has finally happened. After I convinced myself that I have the immune system of a lumberjack, I have finally become somewhat ill here. With a wet September, a cool October and with all of the high-fives I have delivered to snot-nosed Korean students, I finally caught some sort of cold. Sore throat, runny-nose, run-down feeling, the works. But talk about great timing. Instead of having no reason to watch the ALCS all morning, I get to sit around the apartment guilt-free and listen to two Koreans commentate the Red Sox-Indian series.

Later today we are planning on walking around our neighborhood trying to figure out what all the signs say. We are starting to feel desperate to learn the language. Last night, we found ourselves in a cab going the wrong way from home. Apparently, we were saying our neighborhood in such a way that it sounded like a neighborhood on the other side of town. It is becoming increasingly important to us to learn bits of the language. Because I know how to ask, “How do you say this in Korean?” the cab driver taught us straight, right and left on our long cab ride home.

As a postscript, I would like to let everyone know that we are now on Skype under Lindsay’s maiden name. We downloaded it yesterday and spoke with Lindsay’s family with our webcam. It was really cool. I highly recommend that you do the same and we talk via computer soon. Let us know.

Alright, the game is getting into the late innings. I better run.

I had to add this photo to the blog…..Look at how good Korea has been to Lindsay. Hot. She is on her bike before heading up to a local festival the other night.