You put your left foot in …

Annyong haseo!

Lindsay here. Today was a good day in Korea. My kids behaved like little angels. Whit and I got paid today, which wasn’t expected for another couple weeks. And we had Domino’s for dinner.

Oh. Remember that funny story that Whit told about me losing my passport? Well, what goes around comes around, my friends.

Today Whit lost his. We turned our small apartment upside down, emptied out drawers, dug through closets. He needed it to transfer money to America. It turned up about two hours later, exactly where he left it in the drawer for passports.

So that was fun.

We eventually made it to the bank. But wiring money to America is no easy task when you don’t speak the same language as your bank teller. I guess we’ll see in a day or two whether that worked out.

We are also being observed at school now by the vice principal, a scary Korean woman always dressed in black. Everyone is scared of her. The kids line up to bow to her with their hands politely folded behind their backs in the hallways as she stares stone-faced. The teachers would stand on their heads for her if she asked.

Lucky for us, she doesn’t speak English. I have no idea whether she thinks we are good or bad teachers. Luckily, she didn’t walk in during an unruly moment. I had just split my kids into teams with science names, pitting them against each other on who could answer my questions. When she walked in, the kids were begging me to call on them to answer in what habitat an anaconda lives.

Am I a good teacher? Some days I surprise myself with my teacher voice. But most days, I think, if only my former co-workers at the Citizen-Times could see me now. Oh how they would laugh. I’ve been reduced to a first-grade entertainer who shakes my booty to the Hokey Pokey.
But hey. I get paid more to do the Hokey Pokey than write. So who’s laughing now?