Cussed out in Korea

Today was pretty low key for Lindsay and me. The kids got pulled from our classes one at a time to get interviewed in English by the Korean teacher. In most classes we were finished early and did not teach a lesson. We taught in only our final class. For some reason in both of our classes we got our kids talking. Both Lindsay and I believe that if we can get the class in conversation then we won’t even worry about doing bookwork. After all we are here to teach conversation. Every once in a while the kids try to get us talking to avoid doing bookwork. Little do they know we are trying to get them to do the same thing.

Both of our classes went unexpectedly well. Usually mine lose interest after about ten minutes and Lindsay’s class is usually too cool to talk at all. Today, however, we kept them engaged the whole time. We were feeling good. After school instead of taking the long route out to avoid walking through the kids, I suggested walking right throught them. I wanted to see them. As we were almost through the bus riders, one of my first graders with no front teeth confronted me middle finger raised high. “Foh-q Foh-q” he said as if he was telling Lindsay and me a funny joke. My mouth dropped and my eyes shot daggers. When he tried to make a run for it, I grabbed his tiny hands and made him look me in the eye. “No,” I said “Wrong!”

I guess I deserved it a little. Last week when he called me “Monkey teacher” I reminded him he didn’t have any front teeth. I guess tomorrow we will take the long way around, lest we get some stronger words or mugged. Wish us luck.

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