Welcome to the world, baby boy!

Annyong haseo America!

I’d like to take a second and welcome my new nephew Reed into the world. He was born at 6:10 p.m. Monday night (8 a.m. Tuesday morning in South Korea). He is a healthy, 7-pound, 15-ounce cute baby boy. See for yourself!

My class was just as excited as I was when I told them the news after talking to Jessica on the telephone after her delivery.

“HE LOOKS KOREAN!” they said after looking at his photo. “Where does he live?” “When was he born?” And then, always the question. “Do you have a baby with the other teacher?”

My Korean co-teacher piped up for the first time all semester, looking up from her internet shopping.

“Was it a boy a girl?” she asked.

“A boy.”

“Oh! That is good news!” she said.

Welcome to a world where men rule the roost. But I am also excited that Reed is a boy. We don’t have many boys in our family, except for all the husbands and of course, Dad. It will be so much fun to have a little boy around. Even though I wouldn’t have the first clue how to take care of one.

Anyway, nothing new is going on here. We had a good day at school because of the good news from home. I didn’t even mind when I realized there were Spam slices floating in my soup at lunch. Seriously though, how has Spam made it to South Korea? That is so wrong.

Well, Happy Birth Day Reed! I’m looking foward to holding you in May!


  1. Way to go, Reed!! Welcome. How about someone sending me your NEW address.Congrats to everyone including Aunt Lindsay and Uncle Whit. That sounds funny.


  2. Summer says:

    CONGRATULATIONS to the Nash clan!! JP and I are thrilled about Reed and hope one day to meet him. He is already so handsome in the photo. This will be a challenge, Jessica, because you’ll have to put up with all these women spoiling the heck out of your little boy! Much love and best wishes to the new parents!


  3. Summer says:

    P.S.I want more photos! This is just a tease, so if you don’t want to post them, will you email some to me?


  4. deborah says:

    his is the proud Granna. Reed’s address is Reed Hampton 1548 Hicks Edgen Rd., Pleasant View,TN 37146. More pictures will be posted soon. I’m going up to stay for a week tomorrow so I’ll post some soon. Can’t wait for all of you to meet him. He is the BEST!!!We’ve already ordered skies for him! Think he’ll be skiing before he’s out of diapers? We have a new member of our Labor Day Club! Sorry J.P. and Summer you lost your bedroom. You can bunk in with Whit and Lindsay. I’m sure they won’t mind!!! Reed now has the new kid room. So everyone else get busy and help us fill that room!!!!!!


  5. Where does the Reed (specifically with 2 e’s) come from? My husband is a Reed (middle name for him, but family last name that goes way back). Just wondering. We miss you Lindsay!


  6. Brittany says:

    Am I turtle slow or what. I am so excited about Baby Reed. He is so flippin’ cute. Congrats to all.


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