The Korean Outback

G’day mate, how ’bout another shrimp on the barbie??

Whit here:

I don’t think Lindsay or I had eaten at Outback since the Clinton administration until tonight. We just couldn’t help ourselves. Chalk it up as our way of celebrating becoming an aunt and uncle. After eating at our favorite Korean restaurant last night, we decided to opt out of sitting on the floor without our shoes while downing kimchi and rice. Instead we spent a little extra for a couple of pastas that tasted like home. It really felt like home in the restaurant. American hip-hop playing in the background, waitresses named Ann. To make it even more strange the restaurant smelled just like Sam Kirby’s home in Martinsville. I cannot explain it. The Kirby’s weren’t big steak eaters or part Korean and as far as I know the restaurant didn’t have a King Charles Spaniel running around. It was just one of those strange things.

Instead of blabbing about it, I’ll let Lindsay take you on a tour of the joint. But you are going to have to wait as we are having trouble uploading videos. Though I will tell you they had napkins, wine by the glass and seats. All rare items in a typical Korean restaurant. It was globalism at its best. Stay tuned for video footage.


  1. Whit here giving a shout out to the Hampton trio. Glad to hear that all went smoothly. I am sure Daddy Mike is happy that the boy showed up just in time to watch the World Series. You three (four including Deborah) have a great week. Wish we could be there to toast the newborn boy.


  2. Oh yeah, Get him potty trained before we get home. We don’t do dirty diaperswhit


  3. Hi Lindsay and Whit! It took you long enough to get to Outback! We were there in our second week! I’ve caught the bug that’s going around. It’s no good. I’m debating going to the doctor…I heard they hook you up to an IV for a cold here, sounds a little drastic. We’re going to Seoul for our training this weekend, so maybe we can get together next weekend. Talk to you soon! Congratulations on becomming Aunt and Uncle!Maria and Ethan


  4. Jessica says:

    Reed watched his first baseball game with daddy last night.I’ll make sure Reed saves up a big ‘ole stinky one for you to practice on when you get here!


  5. Bill Tilden says:

    dude, that wasn’t steak… you were eating King Charles Spaniel


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