For the kids

My buddy Sam is brilliant at pulling off the ridiculous. Last summer Sam decided to hold a wooden racquet tennis tournament near his home in Washington D.C. More than 25 people showed up with all kinds of wooden tennis racquets and old tennis gear. Some of us even showed up with a mustache and sideburns. Lindsay and I figured we would have fun participating, but we didn’t realize it would be quite as fun as it was. Sam raised about $400 for Save the Children (they are real which he presented to them with a big check (about 18″ by 36″ —again Sam’s humor borders on the absurd).
But the real reason I am telling you all this is to plug the tournament. Sam is putting it on again this summer in D.C. and even has Honest Tea from Bethesda as a sponsor. You really should consider playing if you are nearby, even if you don’t know anyone. Sam has a knack for surrounding himself with good people who make everyone feel welcome, so you are bound to have a good time. Check out his website at
If nothing else, just for the pure pleasure of finding out why he named his tournament after an obscure Revolutionary War hero.

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  1. Sam Kirby says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for the shout out…for the readers that want the behind the scenes/blackslash/backstage pass view of the Nathanael Greene Wooden Classic check out the blog.


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