1. Summer says:

    I enjoyed the videos, and I’m proud that they both centered around my favorite subject…food. I’m glad to see you’re not suffering because as long as you can eat plenty of cereal and ice cream, how bad can life be? I’m fascinated by the scissors too. I’ve never been very good at using knives, so I think I might start carrying scissors to restaurants. If people look at me weird, I’ll just tell them I’m from Mississippi and let them think it’s some Southern tradition!


  2. Dane says:

    Every single day I look forward to reading about what the two of you are up to. It’s become a daily ritual for me and just for a moment allows me to escape North America for somewhere a little bit brighter.


  3. Dan says:

    Great job on the videos as always!!! I loved the trip to the “super”, and shopping was one of my favorite things to do in Korea. Everyone is so polite, and I love the free gifts of “service”. Now in Canada, I need to tip for avg service, and I’m pretty sure I won’t get any freebies.You did forget to mention the table & chairs outside, which can be a common meeting place for people to have a beer, or share some soju. It became a common meeting place for us during our stay.Aggie and I now use scissors often when we cook now, to cut things like green onion, chicken breast or cabbage.Keep up the good work!


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