No shirt, no shoes, no problem

Whit here:
What a fantastic weekend. Lindsay and I feel like we got semi-initiated into Korean society after our trip to the spa. I think a philosopher once said that you don’t truly know a society until you see them naked. After bathtubbing with 30 some Korean men, I feel much more knowledgable about the culture. To answer my brother-in-law Bill’s question for everyone, there wasn’t any “funny business” going on in there. It was just a bunch of naked guys lounging around together. If one happened to need his back scrubed than so be it, but other than that you just sat and relaxed. I even went back on Sunday. But on that trip it was more like being at a public swimming pool, except the kids were naked too.

I went to the spa mostly out of convenience than anything else. On Saturday I played soccer all day with my group of fellow foreigners against 2 other international teams and one team made up of Gwangju cops. Our club, Gwangju Inter Football Club(sponsored by a local speakeasy) fielded two teams and mine finished second to the other after losing to them 1-0. We tied the team of cops who proved to be the best looking Korean team I had ever seen. They should have beaten us, but we have an American on our team fresh off the varsity squad of Colgate University in New York. He kept us in the game. The tournament raised money for the same girls orphanage Lindsay and I went to a few Saturdays ago. We raised well over $1,000 with more money coming in. It was great, a beautiful day and lots of fan support. We played, refereed (see photo), and cooked-out Afterwards, I went to soak with naked Korean dudes and a few of my teammates.
Sunday I decided to do my own version of the Shut-In race, one of Lindsay’s and my favorites, held in Asheville this past weekend. I bused over to Mudeung Mountain to run up, down and around the area. It was beautiful. You can see the photos I took in our latest photo gallery. I wore t-shirt and shorts while the Koreans wore turtlenecks, jackets and pants. They thought I was crazy. I got a few laughs, a few “wows” and one “how’s the weather?” You have to love them, they are always trying to speak English. It was much shorter than Shut-In but still a plenty of running far enough away from Gwangju proper. Afterwards, I went and soaked with some naked Korean men.
No big deal, and no funny business.


  1. Wait a minute! If there was no “funny business,” how come you “soaked” so many times????? Bill, what do you think?!? I mean, seriously!Mom


  2. deborah says:

    Sarah, I agree with you! Come on Whit and LINDSAY! Keep your clothes on in public places! Remember you were raised in the South! Have a little modesty here!And don’t think you are going to get me into a public bath when I’m there! THAT’S NOT HAPPENING!!!!Deborah


  3. William says:

    Serious response:I applaud your willingness to expand your horizons. We could all learn something about your willingness to dive into another culture in an effort to gain a new perspective on our own.Fun response:Whit, Lindsay: 5 Times. 5 times I count the word “naked” in this posting of your wonderful blog. Furthermore, it’s surrounded by the words, “culture”, “know a society” , “men”, “soaked”, “back scrubbing” and “kids”! My ONLY question is – Just how well do they know YOU? Let me be clear. I have no room to talk since I shower at our company’s workout center usually 5 days per week. However, the key is anonymity. It is not a social experience. Kind of like when you are peeing at a urinal. The key is, face forward and mind your own business. I have never even remotely thought about asking or offering a “back scrub” Now, you can ask just about anybody – I am becoming a “metro man”. I wear plaid shorts, drink wine, go get massages every now and then, am into smoothies and even eat sushi. However, this somehow seems to have crossed some barrier with me. Whit – I never. Repeat Never. Rate other men’s looks. However, I have heard from numerous parties that you are hot. Watch your back. If you see anyone smile at you more than once, at least make a mental note and, for goodness sakes, – Don’t scrub his back!


  4. Michael says:

    Okay, I’m going to leave the spa alone since Bill had the response of all responses. We can always count on you Bill. However, Whit, I have to know, you said the other men on your run where calling you “crazy” for wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Did you happen to tell them about the time you ran a race barefoot?


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