Just the facts

I’ve got nothing. Nothing. I am going to blog with bullet points and incomplete sentences. Take it or leave it.

*To the left is our favorite neighborhood restaurant.

* I love weekends.

* Speaking of weekends, Lindsay and I saw Robert Redford and Tom Cruise in Lions for Lambs and really enjoyed it. It got poor reviews, but it is entertaining, makes you think and provokes conversation. Sue me, I liked it.

* Played soccer on a dirt field yesterday while high school kids cheered/heckled us from the school surrounding the field. That’s right, some high schools are in session on Sunday.

* In honor of Pepero Day, Lindsay bought our co-teachers wrapped boxes of Pepero. They were not impressed. Perhaps they ate too much over the weekend.

* We had our first case of “the Mondays” today.

* We ate at our favorite restaurant tonight. It was a great end to a long day. We decided to video our walk there. Hope you enjoy it.