Powerpoints and power colors

Okay. Now I am feeling like a “real” elementary school teacher.
It was going so well for all this time–no grading, no extra activities, no homework, very little prep time.
But that was until about two days ago when we were told to start preparing “very many materials” for our open class on Wednesday. Open class means all the parents are coming. To watch. Me teach. Their kids.
At first, I was barely fazed. No big deal. We’ll play Bingo, watch a movie clip, do a worksheet.
But then we realized what was happening. The nine other Korean English teachers were cutting out shapes and words in hot pink and yellows, laminating everything they could find, and finding games online.
No big deal, I told Whit. We have a good plan. Though we should probably clean our dingy Bingo cards after all the kids scratched and wrote all over them. Ha! Thoughts from an amateur elementary school teacher.
The other teachers continued t0 cut, color and laminate.
Oh crap, I realized at 4:30 p.m. on Monday, when the head teacher reminded us again about “the very many materials” we needed.
So we spent the day today doing it all. Making new brightly colored Bingo cards. Printing and laminating numbers one through 75 so the kids could practice spelling them. Finding worksheets. And tonight, I made a Powerpoint presentation on even and odd numbers.
Yep, that’s right. I had to re-teach myself the program I studied during my freshman year of college, when I still believed I wanted get a business degree. It was easy, but time consuming.
Two hours and a few diet cokes later, I finished the project. Whit says I’m a freak.
And I probably am. But I don’t want any crazy Korean parent thinking I didn’t use enough hot pink or multimedia.
Oh, isn’t it funny the time and money wasted in today’s education system? Newsflash, people: It ain’t just happening in America.