Meet the Parents

Whit here:
It was parents’ day at Songwon Elementary today. This means that all the teachers and the school act like they never have before. Lindsay and I included. I never shave on Wednesday. But I did today. Lindsay always wears her crocs during class, but she didn’t today. We laminated almost everything in sight, and made everything laminated more colorful than a rainbow. You would have thought Jesus was returning to the world through Songwon by the amount of red carpet rolled out. But so it goes in the world of education. Parents might as well be Christ. Especially when they pay a mint in tuition for a private school education.

The Korean teachers were about five minutes away from a nervous breakdown making a already stressful situation even worse. But in the end it wasn’t that bad. Or so we think. The parents stood in the back of the room, smiled a lot, and stayed pretty much out of the way while we taught their children in a tongue that many of them don’t understand. But some of my parents stayed after and talked to my teacher in a tongue I don’t understand. Hopefully, they were expressing their utter amazement in my ability to clearly explain odd and even numbers to their children. Either way, I am sure I will hear the verdict tomorrow in a translated version by one of my co-teachers.
On the way out of school, one of my students decided he wanted to show his mom a handshake I taught him one afternoon. Basically you touch fists, turn your thumbs up, pull at your thumb as if it was a grenade and then let your hand explode off the other’s. “What is this?” she asked, clearly confused. “Oh nothing, just a handshake,” I said. Lindsay cleared it up for her, “a bomb” she explained. If my teaching didn’t get me fired, I am sure the handshake will.

Sidenote: the pics were taken at a Paris Baguette downtown….lots of lights, shops, consumers.