Got Seoul?

Whit here:

I love to run. So many good things I have in my life are because of my passion for running. My health, some friends, my sanity, my wife. It is my time to make sense of things, talk with a friend, listen to a podcast or listen to the world.

I loved running even more today when I ran in a half-marathon in Seoul. I ran along with hundreds of others with whom normally I would have trouble communicating. We didn’s say much out there, but we trudged forward engaging in an activity that makes our days on Earth make sense. Running today felt like love or music, an international language.

My love for running must be unconditional because it was freaking cold this morning. Probably in the 20s with a nasty wind. Just to make the wind even worst we ran beside the Han River. The whole way. We had a nasty headwind the last 6 miles. It was the first race where when we both finished we immediately went home. It was just too cold for dilly-dallying.

The race itself was well run. Lots of good support. Lot’s of “Hi-tings” (which we believe means Go, Go!) and Lindsay even got a “you’re SO beautiful.” The post-race treats consisted of hot tofu with soy sauce and coffee. The tofu tasted a lot like plain oatmeal without the soy sauce. It really hit the spot.

We enjoyed Seoul too. We stayed in Insadong, considered the art district of Seoul. It is packed with art galleries and lots of expensive restaurants. The leaves were falling making the street absolutely beautiful.

Seoul is much more worldly than Gwangju making for a nice weekend escape. People spoke English and not many people stared. I even got a chance to hug a Korean(not a common practice here), which was almost as nice as running with hundreds.


  1. Results:Whit finished 14th out of like 500 male runners and I finished 24th out of about 150. Whit time: 1:24:something. My time: 1:51:something.A great time had by all.


  2. Translation for Kirby….I ran faster than you would….


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