It’s not all glam and good food

Sure. Living abroad is glamorous, most days.

But today, after my fried octopus and yellow curry lunch–which was quite good and quite glamorous, if you ask me–all I could think about was turkey, the kind Mammaw always has cooking about this time every year and the strange fried one Bill always brings, always excited about his turkey fryer he gets to use once a year. And the dressing that Aunt Phyllis always brings. And the rolls. Oh the rolls, the melt-in-your-mouth wheat ones Aunt Donna makes every year and swears she won’t do it again because it takes too long. And the orange jello with the custard and walnut topping that Mom makes, with the small nutless square on the corner for Jessica. And the sweet potato casserole my Dad always makes with lots of cinnamon.

And I’m going to miss the Turkey Trot, the 5-mile race in Chattanooga that Mom, Dad, Kathryn, Bill, Michael, Whit and I do each year, always in the freezing cold just so we can eat a piece of every kind of pie at dinner. And then again for a late-night snack.

But more than the food, I’m going to miss all the people. All the catching up, all the photos, all the family, all the good times.

Whit and I are planning a Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow night at a really nice vegetarian restaurant in our neighborhood. With its buffet offerings and Western seating and the guy at the counter who speaks English, it should suffice. Especially since it will be free, because the guy at the counter who speaks English was happy that I came back a second time last week, bringing more vegetarian-loving friends, and gave me two coupons to eat free.

So enjoy your turkey, your rolls, your dressing and all the fixins. We’ll toast you all with a slice of octopus and a hearty helping of kimchi.

The photo above is of some persimmon trees near our neighborhood. I thought they were the perfect picture of fall.

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  1. Summer says:

    It’s hardest to be away from loved ones during the holidays, but know that we are thinking of you. And if I <>really have to<>, I can go the extra mile and eat an additional serving or two for you guys.


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