Annyong haseo. Lindsay here!

Just got back from a trip to a nearby town called Damyang, a town “famous” for its bamboo. In Korea, everything is famous for something. Gwangju is famous for its kimchi. Daegu is famous for its apples. Gyeongju is famous for its barley bread. And so on and so on.

We were supposed to go hiking today with some friends at a nearby national park, which we were super excited about. But Whit has been feeling a little under the weather and he needed some sleep so we had to pass on that trip until next time.

We had a slow morning, slept late, ate some French toast and didn’t get out until about noon for our little trip to Bamboo Land.

We eventually found the museum after we fell asleep on the bus and missed the stop. The museum was nothing too exciting, just a few things made out of bamboo, rather recently. It’s funny to go to a museum where you can’t read any of the information. We might have even missed the whole point of the place. Oh yes, bamboo.

Our favorite part I have to say was swinging on the bamboo swings. Too much fun. And since we got off at the wrong stop, we did discover a bamboo store about 15 minutes away from the museum with much cheaper prices. We did more Christmas shopping for others and ourselves (always!), coming back with all things bamboo.

Well, Whit is now home with some bulgogi (meat) pizza and some sweet potato sticks (we think). So I’m off to drink some diet coke and chow down.

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  1. Summer says:

    Love the photos of you swinging! We’re in Oxford for the holiday, and on our way to a basketball game and then Square Books–so I’m thinking of you. Oh, and I saw Farley Hall, all finished, landscaped, and lit up at night and told JP how proud you’d be of it. I’ll have to go back one night and take a photo for you. It definitely makes our degree look a little more fancy!


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