Lazy Sunday

I am not sure we could have been any lazier this weekend. It was the kind where you don’t step out the front door until well after noon. It was a nice respite from last weekend’s cold weather running in Seoul and this week at school.

It was a weekend I have fantasized since Lindsay and I got married. The one where she doesn’t try to get me to go for a hike, go shopping or just go for the sake of going. Instead we slept late and laid around just for the sake of doing both, but we still went for a hike.

We found ourselves a little homesick this week when we talked to family preparing to gorge themselves on turkey, stuffing and sweet potato casserole. But thanks to Lindsay’s “let’s not wallow in self-pity” attitude I managed to pull through a rough week surviving only on kimchi, rice and mystery meat.

This photo was taken by Lindsay on top of our apartment building. A great place for a grill fest.

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  1. Adam S says:

    Thanksgiving is about family – not turkey, sweet potato, stuffing, etc? Everyone I know ate themselves sick. How American, right? Believe me, what you missed was family, and that’s something you can miss any day, not just on Thanksgiving. And the turkey is something you can make yourselves, although I don’t know how readily available turkeys are in Korea. Maybe you can stuff an octopus or a sea cucumber or something?


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