Malaysia, sniffing gluesticks, and finally a Korean friend

Annyong! Lindsay here.

It’s past my bedtime on a Monday night so I will make this brief.
I’ve had several amusing, fun and exciting things happen today.

Amusing: I found myself telling third graders to sniff a gluestick as they passed it around class today as we learned the scientific method of “observing with all five senses.” Could I get in trouble for that? Hmmm. But hey, at least I didn’t tell them to taste it. I couldn’t help but giggle to myself as they all sniffed it and came up with, “Lindsay teacher, how do you spell yucky?”

Fun: I made a new friend! A sweet Korean girl named Hannah who I met a few weeks ago but got together with tonight at the local Dunkin Donuts. We spent three hours gabbing about everything from the the cool goods you can buy in Insadong to why Koreans don’t use ovens (it’s a cultural thing, she says.) Hannah is very involved in learning English and teaches some craft classes open to foreigners for the purpose of a cultural exchange. I will be taking her new class in February to learn to make paper lanterns.

Exciting: Whit and I have decided where to go on our second week of winter vacation. Our first week, which we are most excited about, is when Mom and Dad will be coming to visit. We are living for that week. But now we also have fun plans for the second week, when we will fly to Malaysia in Southeast Asia for a fun week at the beach.