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Whit here—

Let me be honest…most days it is a struggle for me to get out of the apartment after school for my daily run. But it is something I know I have to do. Otherwise I am about as much fun to live with as a roach infestation (believe me I know). My runs, though, have always been a refuge from life’s stresses. Unlike back home, where I ran with my buddy Josh most days and debriefed with him, here I listen to my iPod. I use to run to the beat of my favorite song at the time, but that is not nearly as fun as what I run to these days.
Recently, I have become a volunteer plugger for my favorite podcasts. For the laymen, these are recordings of radio and sometimes TV shows you can download onto your headphones. It’s incredible. On runs I have learned some helpful Korean phrases, kept current with world news and sports and listened to high(and low)-brow political debates.
On Mondays I catch up with news back home through the Asheville Citizen-Times podcast Webstew. On this show John Boyle, Jason Sandford, Jamie McKee and Doug Meyer (all former collegues of Lindsay’s) interview local people, report local politics and weigh in on important Asheville issues. They don’t hold back any punches. Boyle, the guy in your office who always knows the current dirty joke, does this radio show in a similar fashion to the way he conducts himself at Citizen-Times 4th of July and Christmas parties. Not to mention Lindsay’s going away party. He brings fireworks to one and acts like dirty Santa at the other. He may sound crude to you, but it is my idea of good news reporting.
The other day John and Jason made my run when they mentioned that their fan base has gone international because Lindsay and I listen to it. After hearing people go on and on about famous people and happenings around the globe, I felt important in Asheville running down the road in South Korea.
Thanks guys, keep the laughs and Asheville news coming! It gets me out the door Monday afternoon.

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  1. Jaime says:

    yay for the plug!! 🙂 I only got in on this week’s because Boyle was out last week with shoulder surgery. I may have to hit him in that shoulder so I can hit up another podcast with Jason.


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