Scarfin’ lunches

Whit here:

Only in South Korea does a sports banquet turn into a karaoke party without a proper segue. After my soccer team’s end of the year party at a small restaurant Saturday everyone took a turn on the mike belting out all kinds of tunes. This all happened without us even having to leave the dining room. It came fully equipped with a karaoke machine and guys that knew how to work it. It was quite a bit of fun. The Scot in the picture, Pete, probably performed the best with his version of “Sweet Caroline.”

Our weekend was nice with a beautiful Saturday and a rainy Sunday, giving us a perfect excuse to stay in and be lazy. South Korea is becoming very cold with what seems like few days that feel unseasonably warm. Our walk to school isn’t nearly as glamorous as it was mid-fall. The school lacks heat in the hallways and cafeteria, making lunch feel almost like a picnic in the dead of winter. Lindsay has taken to wearing her scarf while slurping down her soup before it gets cold. Koreans really bundle up here, so it seems strange that their buildings aren’t scorching.

Despite the cold weather Lindsay and I are staying warm. We are beginning to build somewhat of a community for ourselves and have found pirated versions of “Dancing with the Stars” on-line. So if you have felt sorry for us for missing out on life back home, don’t, we are getting along just fine, numb hands and all.