Working with my wife

This blogging almost everyday is tough. I know what you might be thinking, “Whit, you don’t have to blog everyday.” Yeah, one would think. But my homelife these days roughly resembles the life of a New York Times columnist. I live with my editor. “Are you going to blog today?” “Maybe you should blog about that thing that happened at lunch today, eww or the squid we ate.” “Don’t say that Whit, we are suppose to keep this G-rated!” She stops short of assigning a word count, but I know she has a number in her brain. I am about all out of words over here, at least this Friday evening I just want to be staring at the T.V. Al Bundy style. But then I remember my multitude of fans out there in America, and trust me, this blogs for you.

Working with your wife may or may not sound like a great idea depending on where you are coming from. Lindsay and I rarely saw each other during my two years in graduate school. I left home before she woke up and usually got home about the time we went to bed. When we found out we would be working at the same school in Korea we were very excited. “All day with you,” we would say to each other all naive and glassy-eyed, “what could be better?”

These days we often wish we at least ate lunch at different times. We literally are attached at the hip at school. We have assigned seats in our break room and we might as well in the lunch room. Our co-teachers get down to the cafeteria so fast(Koreans always move fast), Lindsay and I(we always move slow) are relegated to the end. So there is plenty of time for me to annoy Lindsay and for her in turn to nag me. On frequent occasions I get “Your hair looks messed up.” Or “Did you iron that?” Or “Why is your desk so unorganized?” Or “Did you wear those jeans, with the mustard stain on Monday too?” And my all-time favorite, “Did you know you had a zit on your nose.” You know, things that co-workers never say to co-workers, and for good reason.

Then again I hardly ever iron my clothes, have actually worn jeans twice with a big mustard stain on the crotch, never brush my hair and do hold onto too many of my students’ papers which makes Lindsay’s and my work area a mess. You know, I do the things that really tick a spouse off.

But we come home and laugh about it. Then after we wipe the tears from our eyes, I am immediately put to work by my editor.

14 thoughts on “Working with my wife

  1. Summer says:

    You should talk to JP. In addition to his charming wife, he also lives with an event planner, a specialist in household organization, and a fashion expert-all, of course, full of advice. But there are upsides because Coffee Lady wakes him up and has a fresh cup prepared for him every morning before he goes to work. So maybe it’s not all terrible!


  2. Summer says:

    Your Coffee Lady needs a Diet Coke before she gets up, so I’d say you’re probably out of luck! (Not to mention that you’re currently suffering from a shortage of good coffee.)


  3. Adam S says:

    Every good editor knows that when a writer bitches about his word count, it doesn’t count toward the word count… so you only get paid 1/2 price for this piece. That aside, my wife works right across the street from me, and I can attest to the fact that while she’s your best friend and you love spending time with her, there’s something to be said for some space too. Plus, you have more to talk about at night if you haven’t lived each other’s entire day. But the good news is, when your Korea adventure is over, you’ll have such an amazing shared experience and will be happy you’ve seen and done the same things. On an unrelated note, I have a big zit on my forehead today, and my co-workers happily pointed it out — so take that how you will.


  4. deborah says:

    Whit,I just had a good belly laugh! How true it is! Just remember that when it comes to retirement time. That is why Terry must keep on working until one of us goes to the other side! I love him dearly but too much togetherness gets in my way! My plan is for him to work half days forever!


  5. Jimmy says:

    That was hilarious! Brittany makes those same comments, of-course, I don’t work with her so it isn’t as bad! Be thankful Lindsay just tells you you have a zit. Brittany just attacks me and pops it with her 2 inch nails!


  6. Summer says:

    JP here – I can attest that Coffee Lady is the bomb…and to all the other things my “charming wife” said. As a matter of fact, one of my favorite shows, “Man vs Wild”, was cut short to go to the store to get grocery items for tomorrow night’s party (see event planner). And I am told my hair looks ‘crazy’ several times a day by her.


  7. Emily says:

    I love this! I stinkin’love it! You bunch of nerds are just beggin’me to get married and I read this! Come on, guys! Make a case for yourselves! I love it! Did I mention that?


  8. deborah says:

    Hey Michael!!! You’re the man!!! You get mega points for your comments!No bitchin from this man and he has a new baby keeping him up half the night. He puts you other guys to shame!Oh, and Michael, We’ve decided to do the half marathon in Nashville so start running!


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