A South Korean birthday

Annyong! Lindsay here. If you were hoping to see Whit’s writing here, I’m sorry.
But today is my birthday and I am stealing the blog writing from him. Not that he’s fighting for it.
I wasn’t sure what to expect for my birthday in South Korea. I knew I would be getting a delicious Paris Baguette pineapple cake from my co-teachers, which I did. They clapped and sang happy birthday and make me wear a birthday hat. I can’t believe we forgot our camera today.
But it was with my beloved 7th period class that I really needed the camera. They found out when my birthday was about three weeks ago in a discussion related to the topic. I saw Rooney, a funny 13-year-old, write it down in his book.
As my birthday came closer, other classes at school found out about it. Children found me in the hallways, “Teacher! Your birthday is next week?” And later. “Your birthday is tomorrow?!?”
So I didn’t know what would happen today. One of my sixth grade classes that I see on Mondays sang to me in the hallway.
But then, it was my 7th period who made my day. As I walked to the classroom, several of the boys stopped me. “NO! Teacher! You have to wait outside!!” I peeked in and saw my entire class there (early, for once!) gathered around my desk.
They continued to block me from entering, making me wait in Whit’s classroom next door.
Finally they let me in. They guided me into a dark room, candles lit on a mound of Moon-Pie-like chocolate cakes. Blown-up balloons surrounded my desk. And they blew party noise makers that shot confetti into the air as they sang “Happy Birthday To You.”
They had decorated the chalkboard with a huge banner that read “HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINDSAY TEACHER!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!”
And as we ate our Korean Moon Pies, they gave me cards and gifts, including traditional Korean snacks, a decorated mirror, and cute cards that read “You are such a good teacher for me. I love you Lindsay!”
I have to admit it was one of my best birthdays ever. It was a day already made great by early morning birthday calls from Mammaw and Mom and Dad. And then this. A party from the kids who earlier this week had to write me a long letter about how they were going to become better students by getting to class on time and not forgetting their books.
And then I came home and got fun gifts from Whit, which already included my Dunkin Donuts breakfast. And he even wrote a poem, hiring out help from some of you, and including funny lines about Smokey the Cat, catching zzzzs on my oboe teacher’s couch, and the boys I used to date.
What a day!! One day I’ll always remember!!


  1. Jimmy says:

    Happy Birthday!


  2. Jessica says:

    We’re going to need to see that poem, please!


  3. Summer says:

    I’ve been thinking of you all day, Lindsay. I’m glad your birthday has been special.


  4. Jaime says:

    happy birthday!


  5. Summer says:

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  6. Dane says:

    Happy Birthday


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