Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas America!!

We spent a fun Christmas Eve at school. I know, sounds strange, doesn’t it? But we had a really fun day. We gave homemade Christmas cookies to our co-teachers, who for once, honestly, seemed to like our gift, even saying they looked so cute with their sprinkles that they didn’t want to eat them. One teacher even hung her gingerbread-shaped men on her whiteboard.
We sang Rudolph and watched Frosty the Snowman. We made Christmas cards and played Christmas Bingo.
And in my beloved last class (my second-to-last time with them…tear) we had a Christmas party. Every student brought something. And the boys who said they were only going to bring their mouthes actually brought homemade cookes and canned juice.
I even received a few gifts, including what looks like a very expensive bottle of perfume with a very sweet note in broken English and misplaced periods from one of the boys’ mothers, thanking me for my passion and her son’s new American penpal.
It was one of those days where teaching was just so much fun that I couldn’t imagine myself doing any other job in the world.
It was a fun Christmas Eve. And just like Santa Claus, we will be heading north tonight with gifts in hand to meet Mom and Dad in Seoul. They are on an airplane right now, flying across the world to see us.
We are so excited we can hardly contain ourselves. We might be away from the blog for a few days, but once we return, we will have our most fun photos so far!
Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas season. I know Whit and I are thanking God for our wonderful blessings this holiday, and that includes all of you.

And here is our little version of a Korean Christmas card (thanks to Jessica for the idea). This is a little holiday spirit from Whit, me, the new Korean president-elect, and one of my random students, actually the one who baked his own cookies for our party today.
Check it out: