Been there, done that

By the time you read this, visions of sugarplums have already danced through my head and Santa has already come to town. You see, we were doing Christmas here before you even woke up this morning.

I have to say, without going into too much detail, it was unlike any other Christmas in my whole life. Lindsay and I spent Christmas Eve alone on a bus with a bus driver who seemingly swallowed a chicken bone at about 3AM this morning on the highway leading to Seoul. After he finally stopped coughing he proceeded to blow his nose for the remainder of our trip. We hardly slept. Lindsay fearfully turned to me as he hacked away to say “I am worried about our safety.” A sentence she would only construct at 3AM in the morning.

We arrived at Incheon at about 4:40AM, way to early for Dunkin Donuts. So we crashed on benches in the middle of the terminal. No doubt out mouths wide open as we snored.

Then after we became teary-eyed watching so many reunions at the International gate, Terry and Deborah came swaggering through customs eyes all red from lack of sleep. We swept them up, took them to Insadong, our favorite neighborhood in Seoul and did the Christmas thing in a nearby Starbucks while listening to Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin. We walked around the neigborhood all afternoon and tried not to crash too early.

But it wasn’t until after Christmas dinner at Outback that I felt I could check off my Christmas wish of spending the holidays in Korea with my in-laws. We really are having a great time here, proving that Christmas doesn’t always have to be about family tradition. It is all about being with people you love and care about. And that, my friends, can be around the dinner table you have eaten at since you were a kid, or at a Korean Outback.