Snow pummels South Korea!

Hello everyone, Lindsay here!

Well, it was a sad day here in South Korea. Mom and Dad left the country to return home and Whit and I felt lost for a bit, trying to figure out what we did before they came. But we are happy they are home safe and have succesfully completed their first international travel, despite the few times they thought we were trying to kill them with icy hikes, spicy food and scary transportation issues.

But with all the fun over the last week, I failed to report to you in detail that WE GOT SNOW! As you can see in the pictures, this was no Southeast Snow, where everyone in town hauls butt to the grocery store to wrestle for the last loaf of white bread or skim milk. This was snow. Some serious snow.

Without a ruler or proper measurement system (Metric system? What in the world? Give me inches!!) we weren’t sure exactly how much we had received. Mom and Dad kept guessing at least a foot. But I was the doubter.

Until I read the Korea Times, which reported Gwangju as receiving at least 36 centimeters of snow (and there was still a day of snow after that!). Which translates to (thank you computer calculator) more than 14 inches of white stuff!

I hadn’t seen that much snow since the Blizzard of ’93. It’s pretty amazing. And pretty amazing that it didn’t stop anything here. Not even traffic. The cabbies were out in full force honking at pedestrians, selling their cheap rides on icy, snow-covered streets.

It finally started to melt a little bit today, though there are piles of it plowed to the sides of the road and accumulated in the middle of sidewalks like giant ski slopes in the middle of concrete expanses.

Anyway, just when I was missing those cheesy Asheville Citizen-Times headlines about snow that always included verbs like “slams!” “pummels!” and “blasts!”, I decided to see what was going on over there on your side of the world. And to my surprise and delight, they had a little bit of the white stuff as well, and I was not disappointed: “A bitter, blustery winter storm blew into Asheville on Tuesday night!”


  1. Summer says:

    I love all the photos of the snow!! And now you feel our pain. Mizzou has closed 3 times in its 150+ year history due to inclement weather. This has caused JP and me many adventures already and it’s only January 2!!


  2. Andre says:

    Nice dig at C-T snow coverage. By the way, the headline for today’s C-T was “Bitter cold, snow hit the mountains.” Snowed a bit here last night. Some spots got 4-6 inches, but less than an inch in Asheville and Waynesville. Stories for tomorrow are mostly about sloppy, dangerous roads. What I wouldn’t give for 36 centimeters of snow. Don’t know what the headlines will actually read tomorrow, but WLOS earlier tonight used “bone-chilling cold” three times in less than a minute.


  3. Jaime says:

    Our two inches of snow doesn’t even compare to your 36 inches! I agree with Andre…what I wouldn’t give for 36 inches of snow.


  4. This reminds me of the snow that snowed Sam Kirby in at our house for two weeks!‘nuf said!Mom


  5. Sam Kirby says:

    The Best Two weeks mom and dad altizer ever had.


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