I want my mullet back

It has been brought to my attention (by my sister-in-law) that I am becoming dangerously close to sporting a full-blown mullet. This honor of pointing out cosmetic issues is typically reserved for her very perceptive and blunt older sister. But this time Jessica beat her to the punch.

I can’t argue with her. It is becoming longer in the back than in the front, but I think I kind of like it. We see mullets here so often, I guess I am beginning to find them kind of cool. But the mullets over here, ain’t your older cousin’s mullet. They are much more sophisticated. Most of the cool Koreans actually support something close to the “Missouri Compromise” or the “Mud Flap” with a little class.

But according to one website the Korean mullet, or the “48th parallel,” isn’t quite a “legal mullet.” But I wouldn’t really call it illegal either. I’d call it a stylish mullet. Take one of Lindsay’s and my students for example.

So I am asking your opinion. Korean mullet or not?


  1. Sallie says:

    Bring back the Gary Carter perm.


  2. Yeah dude. Rock the Mickey Dazzler.Disclaimer: The Mickey Dazzler is an Irish phrase for a perm, and not a mullet as such. But seeing as how it’s an amazing name and I would never advocate for the adoption of a perm, I’m officially going to toss this name into the proverbial bin of phrases for a mullet. It shall sit right there beside the ‘Yes, No’, the ‘Camero Crash Helmet’ and the ‘7’.


  3. Adam S says:

    Um… not so sure I totally agree with your “guide” image above. It’s a pretty orthodox definition, one to which most people don’t really adhere, especially in current casual vernacular. In my mind, a mullet is anytime the hair in the back exceeds the length of the hair on the rest of the head. If it’s just a bit longer, it’s a “baby mullet,” but a mullet just the same. I say go for it. If you grow one here, you will be ridiculed. But Koreans appear to be mullet-friendly, so grow it if you can. Some of us don’t have the option. Sigh.


  4. Kathryn says:

    I just know the “very perceptive and blunt older sister” you were so sweetly referring to is your lovely wife Lindsay and not your other sis-in-law…Go with the mullet. Several years from now, it will give us something to talk about!


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