A day in the life

Annyong! Lindsay here.

I was out on a run today through my local neighborhood when I realized how much fun it would be to come back out with my camera and capture typical Korean life for you.

As I looked around on my run, I saw images you might find interesting: children playing video games on the street, coat-clad couples out for their daily walk, women selling street food under bright stalls.

I’m guessing it’s hard to imagine what life in Korea is life. Sure, we always talk about the food, the people, the eccentricities. But sometimes it’s hard to give you a good visual.

I’ve been into photography since just before college, when I talked Dad into handing over an old manual Pentax K1000. That camera was one of my favorites as it taught me about light, exposure and composition.

Over the years, I have continued taking pictures with nicer and nicer cameras. And thanks to Mom and Dad, I now have an awesome digital SLR camera. I’m definitely no pro. Photography remains simply a hobby. Something I hope to get better at with practice.

So today, when I needed something to get my creative juices flowing, I grabbed my coat and camera and headed back out into the cold.
Here is my first round of “A day in the life” photos of Korea. (Click on the gallery on the left.)

Hope you enjoy them and hope it sheds light on what life in Korea is really like: the good, the bad and the just plain weird.


  1. deborah says:

    Loved the pictures. Looked just like what we saw there. You left out a few examples though so everyone can get a better glimpse of Korea; crazy taxi drivers running red lights and people praying for their safety in the back seat!!!, parking on the sidewalk or where ever, also driving on the sidewalk…Fun memories!!!


  2. Brittany says:

    I like your description of the art sculpture…made me excited about childbirth.


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