Freezing my kimchi off

Whit here: Anyone in the mood for an extreme close up? Me neither. But when you live in tight quarters with a girl with a new camera, these things are bound to happen if you want them to or not.

How fitting that in our most recent poll there would be a tie between “yes, get a mullet” and “no, don’t get a mullet.” According to one of our friends, Micah, “yes, no” is actually another name for a mullet. So by reading between the lines I think you all are suggesting, in a very creative way, that I should keep on growing the back. We’ll see. We pass my barber everyday on the way to school and she is beginning to look hair-thirsty. I might have to hook her up with a big job.

Nothing really to report here besides the fact that it has been really cold. The rumor around here is that our air comes straight from Siberia giving the air a real bitter, arctic feel. Sometimes I believe it. On most walks to school, I get something resembling an ice cream headache. It isn’t as cold as the winter I spent in Colorado, where my nosehairs would freeze from my apartment door to my car, but it is colder than any winter I have had since.

We are still working half-days at school maxing out at two classes per day. It has been both good for us and the students. We have been making better lesson plans and spending more time with individuals. Two of our 4th grade girls have been waiting for us to walk with them to the bus stop. They are smart enough to make conversation with, a far cry from the boys we ran into the other morning at the crosswalk. One, unable to say much in English, gave up and smacked his butt toward Lindsay and I as if to say “kiss it.” These boys are unusual though as even the strangest even have nice things to say. One group of boys today told Lindsay she was gorgeous. That was it..and that is it. Off to bed.

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  1. Dane says:

    Well Natalie and I went to the gym last night and I have to say we both miss ya’ll. I am currently trying to convince my family that the year after I graduate I should go over to your neck of the woods and teach.How does that sound?


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